Members’ gardens, October 2020

Enjoy a walk around Sian’s beautiful garden this October: click on the button below and the video will play. We love Sian’s pebble beach idea!

Val & Harry have sent in this selection of their Autumn stars. They have a wonderful stripy Tagetes patula ” Jolly Jester” in their border. Harry says it germinates like mustard & cress and grows to 75cm-1m. It looks stand-out!

Last of the summer annuals, including stripy Tagetes
Korean chrysanthemum “Mary Stoker”
Crocus speciosus and Sternbergia lutea
Val and Harry’s perennial border

Here is Jillian’s garden, she has a lovely display of cyclamen in her borders, some of the corms are the size of saucers!

The succulent display in Jillian’s greenhouse is looking good:

Here is Marian’s dewy autumnal rose:

Show those Autumn colours! This is Kathy’s Blueberry “Goldtraube”, what a waste to have this in the soft fruit bed, it should be on full view in a border. All the books say it needs acid soil or to be in a pot of ericaceous compost, but it fruits and thrives very happily in normal soil with a watering can of Sequestrene a couple of times a year.

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