Members’ gardens, December 2020

Fuchsia thymifolia

Kathy’s garden – a Fuchsia thymifolia which seems to bear its tiny flowers for 365 days a year and thrives in part-shade. What’s not to like? An added bonus that it is apparently slightly resistant to the gall mite too.

Anne R’s beautiful fully compostable wreath – ivy with osmanthus, rosemary, bay, honesty, rose hips, haws.

Primroses, snowdrops and Christmas rose out and doing their thing in Jan’s garden. Everything so early!

Lots of late colour in Chris B’s garden, Osteospermum, Pyracantha, Cotoneaster and a very pink Salvia.

OPG diary – December 2020

2 December
A wet and chilly session, but good to be back after Lockdown II.

15 December
A great day for gardening! Lots of planting was done, path clearing was started, and as for the gate decoration – we’re getting really festive now. Mince pies (from Charlton Bakehouse) at half-time were much appreciated.

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The CABAHS bench, to commemorate our Platinum (70th) Anniversary, in situ. A lovely shady spot to look forward to next summer. We think perhaps a Trachelospermum climber up the back wall..

Christmas message tree at St Luke’s

The 'Christmas message tree' at St Luke's Church, Charlton, December 2021

Isn’t this a great idea? St Luke’s Church in Charlton Village asked residents to send in their Christmas messages and they would be hung on the tree outside, so everyone can read them as they walk past. There are some lovely children’s drawings and heartfelt messages. CABAHS has added a message on members’ behalf too.