OPG diary – October 2021

A rainy start to October! Autumnal tones everywhere now. The bees are still out in force though.

Our Halloween Spooky Spiders Trail went down well with Charlton House Explorers this half term. There were 10 spooks to find around the garden, and it kept them all busy after their Ghosts and Gargoyles session in the Long Gallery. We had 140 children through the gardens over the two days, phew.  Great fun, although we didn’t do much gardening this week!

Members’ gardens, July 2021

CABAHS member Jean R thinks her garden is out of control! She says:

I’m a true amateur gardener and have watched aghast as nasturtiums, chinese lanterns and the leaf cutting bee have almost destroyed all my carefully laid out spring plans! In fact I love those bees, but do they really need so much leaf to line their nests? I also love nasturtiums and Chinese lanterns, but how dare they spread so prolifically!

Then to cap it all, intrepid visitors searching for my garden path find that only a sideways crab-like advance is possible to reach my front door! You can spot my front garden in Vanbrugh Park if you are passing by…….

Jean’s front garden path (somewhere in there)
Evidence of Jean’s leaf cutting bees!
An unusual shrub in Kathy’s garden – this is Sphaeralcea (Globe Mallow) Newleaze Coral. A real toughie, it loves this dry sunny weather.
This is Angela’s pretty Monarda (bee balm), the photo doesn’t really show it but Angela says it is now 5 feet tall!
Rambling Rosie looking great in Carolyn’s garden. Love the name, really suits it!

OPG diary – May 2021

Early May
The rainiest May for years, wet volunteers still working away. (They come for the Lotus biscuits at half time…). The gravel garden looks rather good in the rain actually. But for heaven’s sake when is that Alianthus (Tree of Heaven) going to come into leaf? It’s almost as slow as the Mulberry.

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Bird bath being used, and our lovely Cotinus (Smoke Bush) is coming out.

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Sunday 30 May
Our Plant Sale and Community Day was a great success – all those pleas were answered and the sun did come out. Thank you so much to everyone who donated plants or gave their time on the day to help. This was the biggest plant sale CABAHS has ever held, and has raised over £950 for the Hospice, plus more funds to continue the garden revival.

OPG diary – April 2021

The gardens opened to the public on18 April for our ‘Bunnies in the Beds’ Easter trail, and a plant sale in the Long Borders.   We were very impressed to receive a visit from keen gardener, the Mayor of Greenwich, Linda Bird. The gardens are now open Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm.

Charlton House gardens, April 2021: Mayor Greenwich, plant sales stall.

More pics below:  top right is Viv in front of her re-located driveway, now the gravel garden. And the bottom left picture is of Bunny number 4, Borage, or Panic Bunny as he is better known since we discovered rather late that there was no Borage in the Peace Garden, so we had to hastily plant some!

Charlton House gardens, April 2021: gravel garden, Bunnies in the Beds Easter trail, CABAHS volunteers

Flowers out! And thirsty bees out too.

Charlton House gardens, April 2021: bees, Epimedium, Narcissus, blossom

OPG diary – February to July 2020

Remember the central lavender bed? Here it is in June 2020

Central lavender bed, Old Pond Garden, June 2020
Central bed, Old Pond Garden, July 2020
We are rather proud of this! All ready for plants.

Back in June, we met Vlad the Beekeeper, who looks after the hives on the roof of Charlton House. He gave us some great advice about what flowers his bees like. You can download the recommended list of bee-friendly plants here: BestPlantsForBeesMatrix