Labour of love – Keukenhof (2)

A visit to Keukenhof for the second year running found a different garden, although the visits were only a week apart. Spring has evidently come later and most of the narcissus and hyacinths were still in full flower. Last year there were very few remaining in flower. The scent from both filled the air.

swathes of daffodils

Even where some of the tulips had gone over they were still exquisitely beautiful – like a Dutch still life painting.

"still life" of tulips

At home my hyacinths have been swept around by the rain and wind, but at Keukenhof they stand firm.

swathes of hyacinths

But then I looked closer. Each individual hyacinth has been individually staked, so discretely that it is hardly noticeable!  What a labour!

pink hyacinths staked - to stand firm