Anna visits Salters’ Garden

The City of London is a wonderful place to explore and is full of hidden- away gardens for us to access. We came upon this garden in early spring when we were meandering (slightly lost, really) towards the Barbican to visit the Conservatory.

Salters Garden

Salters’ Gardens is one such hidden-away space originally built in 1981 to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Salters.   The photos show the contemporary sunken garden, which was redesigned with a ramp, terraces, pathways, lawns, pergolas, plentiful seating and planting beds edged with box featuring obelisks supporting climbers.  It was a cold day on our visit but amazingly there were tall, flowering stems on several Libertia plants!   The sunken garden is sheltered by the Roman Wall and a magnificent, white-flowering, mature Magnolia situated on the upper level garden on the north side of the wall distracted the eye from the surrounding buildings which shelter the gardens.  I will be returning this summer to enjoy the roses and explore more of the the upper level gardens.


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