My other (sort of) walled garden

In a previous life when I worked for garden charity Thrive*, I was involved in replanting the Old English Garden in Battersea Park and last week I and a former colleague went back to see how it is looking now, some 10 years later. 

Although it has a similar feel and look to the Old Pond Garden, it is only walled on one side, but it does still have a large pond in the middle, which is full of water lilies in the summer – spot the heron ! 

Pond in Old English Garden in Battersea Park

Much of the funding was provided by Jo Malone London (JML) and many of the plants are those used in their fragrances including lilies, rhubarb, pomegranate, jasmine and, of course, roses.  Some replanting has been done in the intervening period and it continues to be well maintained and supported by JML, volunteers and Thrive gardeners.

Pergola in Old English Garden in Battersea Park

The wisteria was probably planted when the garden was originally created over 100 years ago – the ghostly apparitions beyond the pergola are winter protection for some of the more tender plants. 

Snowdrops in Old English Garden in Battersea Park

The garden was designed by Chelsea gold medal winner, Sarah Price, with year round interest and currently has a good display of hellebores and snowdrops, more of which were in evidence (below) across the river at the Chelsea Physic Garden, where they have fruit on their pomegranate. I wonder why no one picked and ate them? 

Ruth Y

*Thrive uses gardening to make positive changes in the lives of those living with disabilities or ill health.

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