OPG Diary – July / August

Our previous post was all about how well the garden was growing – and it really was – except it then just stopped raining, for ever! At the beginning of July, everything was looking nice and green:

But as the Summer heatwave went on, and ever hotter, the volunteers spent more time working in the shade..

And pretty soon all we were doing was watering. It has been heart-warming to see the volunteers arriving every Tuesday or Thursday, picking up their watering cans and setting off to save many of the plants we planted in to the Old Pond Garden just last year. We have lost remarkably few in the end, and as long as we don’t have a repeat heatwave/drought next year, most should get their roots down and become more resilient for the future. There have been a few casualties, and a few that clearly don’t like where they are. So as soon as Autumn comes, Jason will be directing some tweaks. As August came around, the garden’s colours and textures changed to become Autumnal.

The Long Border is unfortunately another matter. Due to the access issue, with the gate and steps closed off all Summer, it has been very difficult to get water to the Long Border. The volunteers have done their best but it was right to concentrate on the OPG and Peace Garden anyway. We have therefore just kept the main weeds down (thistles, ugh!) and will start again in the Autumn. The Peace Garden is mostly established shrubs which will be fine once the rains come. The Perovskia (Russian Sage) doesn’t care a bit, it just loves the dry heat:


Here are a few of the winners this Summer:

The fig has fruited for the first time:

And the volunteers keep carrying on! Join us anytime, Tuesdays 2-4 or Thursdays 10-12.

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