Members Gardens – July

I thought we should collect some pictures from members to show that despite the recent Armageddon heatwave, we still have gardens! There might be a few crispy edges here and there, but it appears a huge range of winners are out enjoying the sun.

Vija has sent in this lovely scented Pelargonium Pink Capitatum, container-grown.

Pink Capitatum
Pelargonium Pink Capitatum

Anna found a beautiful Jersey Tiger Moth in her garden, sightings of these seem to be getting more common. Pat says they like warm walls, and I have found them in my garden too. They are very eye-catching in flight, when the orange wings underneath flash out. Their caterpillars eat nettle, bramble and ground ivy, what’s not to like? Also in Anna’s garden, her Yucca plants love this heatwave.

Annie H says ” These Evening Primroses have been flowering continuously since early May. They appeared self sown in next door’s garden so I collected some seeds and this is the result. They open new flowers each evening which shrivel up the next day.”

Evening Primrose
Annie’s Evening Primroses (Oenothera)

Pat’s garden is becoming very tall! This Athaea cannabina (Palm Leaf Marsh mallow) is getting on for 8 ft, and she hasn’t had to water it at all.

Marsh Mallow Athaea
Athaea cannabina

How about this stunning Clematis jackmanii in Jillian’s garden, and a lovely shot of her dahlias too, with such professional supports!

Jean R has recently been showing off her cactus,which is at least 40 years old! :

Jean’s Cactus

And finally a selection of lots of recent submissions. Keep sending them in please!


2 thoughts on “Members Gardens – July”

  1. My blue agapanthus are thriving in the heat plus 9 stems of Queen Mums about to burst forth in the background.

    Carolyn ________________________________


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