Members’ gardens, July 2021

CABAHS member Jean R thinks her garden is out of control! She says:

I’m a true amateur gardener and have watched aghast as nasturtiums, chinese lanterns and the leaf cutting bee have almost destroyed all my carefully laid out spring plans! In fact I love those bees, but do they really need so much leaf to line their nests? I also love nasturtiums and Chinese lanterns, but how dare they spread so prolifically!

Then to cap it all, intrepid visitors searching for my garden path find that only a sideways crab-like advance is possible to reach my front door! You can spot my front garden in Vanbrugh Park if you are passing by…….

Jean’s front garden path (somewhere in there)
Evidence of Jean’s leaf cutting bees!
An unusual shrub in Kathy’s garden – this is Sphaeralcea (Globe Mallow) Newleaze Coral. A real toughie, it loves this dry sunny weather.
This is Angela’s pretty Monarda (bee balm), the photo doesn’t really show it but Angela says it is now 5 feet tall!
Rambling Rosie looking great in Carolyn’s garden. Love the name, really suits it!

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