Members’ gardens, April 2021

Here is Pat’s Spring garden, the squirrels have left her some tulips then!

This is a selection of colourful plants from Elizabeth’s garden:

Here is Jillian’s garden in the Spring sunshine. She has some new compost bins to die for! The unusual shrub (bottom left) is a bitter orange or Ponceris trifoliata, it has vicious thorns but beautiful flowers.

Hugh has sent in the picture below – he says: This is a “Meyer Lemon” and it is probably 30 years old now. There are 18 lemons on the tree this year which is enough for 36 gin and tonics! The fruit are delicious and the blossom in spring is really very  fragrant.

Meyers lemons are not frost hardy so I bring it indoors every winter but this year it has become a bit confused and seems to have ripened over Christmas. As we do not have a conservatory in our new house it has spent the winter in our bike store cupboard. This is not heated but seems to obtain some warmth from the house and it only has obscured glass in the doors.

Sometimes the fruit take over a year before they are ready and often the tree is in flower again before I have picked all the fruit from the previous season.

Every year is different and it has looked like dying a couple of times but this year has truly been a record year. I can well recommend it!

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