Members’ gardens, July 2020

Here is Peter’s rose, he says about 50 rosebuds have come off this one side shoot, which he was going to cut off. Lucky he didn’t then!

PK Rose

This is Carol’s back garden – a very stylish “White Garden” at this season.

CM Garden

The little plant below is Night Phlox, grown from seed, in Kathy’s garden. The picture at the top is during the day – when you would definitely just pass it by. But at dusk, it absolutely dances and shines out!

KA Night Phlox

Not strictly a members garden, this is in the hedgerow at Vanburgh pits on Blackheath. It is our native Clematis – called Travellers Joy or Old Man’s Beard (because of the fluffy seed heads later on). It is rather beautiful at this time of year.

KA Travellers Joy

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