Members’ gardens, March 2020

Maggie’s lovely spring garden. The flowering shrub is Exochorda “Magical Springtime”  and was a Mother’s Day present a few years ago, what clever children she has!

Maggie T Spring garden

Christine’s alpine trough, with Thrift in full swing. Lovely blossom on the tree.

Christine blossom

Muscari latifolium coming out, just as Hyacinth Splendid Cornelia is going over, on Kathy’s sunny bit of the patio. Rose Cottage bulbs again, they were a winner!

Kathy Muscari latifolium

So maybe we have a local heron who is going round checking out members gardens? Chris’ visitor from yesterday has popped over to look at Kathy’s pond. Thankfully the pond is netted, otherwise his breakfast would have been toad spawn..

Kathy heron

Here are two of Chris B’s shrubs, looking very good this Spring –  Spiraea arguta Bridal Wreath and Viburnham tinus:

Chris was surprised to see this visitor – a Heron, checking out her garden!

ChrisB Heron

Angela says she is not a fan of tulips generally, but the Rose Cottage speaker we had last year convinced her to try these wild tulips, Tulipa sylvestris, and she is so pleased with them. They do look lovely in a “woodland” setting like this.

Angela Tulip sylvestris

Jenny’s Camellia is looking wonderful, she says its thanks to all the rain, and she didn’t have to do a thing!

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