Autumn Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Display 2021

September 20th, Long Gallery Charlton House 7.30pm.

Classes are as follows:

  1. Vase with single stem of any flowering plant
  2. Bowl of mixed flowers
  3. Five Fuchsia blooms (flower heads only, containers supplied)
  4. Ornamental pot plant (including cacti & succulents)
  5. A display of fruit and vegetables
  6. A display of herbs
  7. Floral arrangement: an arrangement of flowers in a tea cup
  8. Competitions: potatoes, washed, in a named transparent bag. Sunflower heads.

As in previous years, this is not an RHS-standard Show, the emphasis is on enjoyment of the plants you have grown. Please enter as many classes as you like, but one entry per class.


Last Years Potato competition 2020

The winner of 2020’s competition was Tim Shepherd, with a enormous harvest weighing 3lbs 13 oz! The prized packet of crisps was donated to the Food Bank instead of being presented to Tim as meetings were suspended. Close runner-up was Peter Brown with a yield of 3lbs 8 3/4 oz. Peter’s consolation was that he had a well deserved Bangers & Mash supper. Thank you to everyone who competed and sent in their photos!

2019’s Winner

SUMMER SHOW 2020 online

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos for our second Online Show this year. We hope you had fun! Winners of each class are shown below, congratulations! They are 1C (Pat), 2A (Ann), 3L (Margaret), 4F (Val) and 5D (Kathy)



Photos of our 70th Anniversary and 1st Online SPRING SHOW 2020 winners.

Our President, Sir Nicolas Bevan says, ” I am greatly impressed by the quality of entries to our virtual Spring Show and I congratulate all those who sent in their photographs.  At this time of anxiety and sadness our gardens can be a source of consolation and diversion and provide an outlet for our energies.  I encourage all our members to carry on gardening and I look forward to the time when we can meet together again.”

The winner of Best in Show photograph is 10A, sent in by Faith. Congratulations! Here it is:

FC Garden Scene

Close runners up were 9F, the tea cup display by Ann H, followed by 4D the stripey camellia by Peter S, and 2D, the white tulips by Anastasia.

We have submitted Faith’s lovely photo to the Horti-Aid Gardening competition being run by the Perennial charity, to be judged by Alan Titchmarsh, Jim Buttress & others.

CABAHS has traditionally helped to support Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice over many years. Usually, we donate two months of our Plant Sales Table proceeds to the Hospice but this year we invited donations through this page, in celebration of successfully holding our first online Spring Show.