You’ve found a… large rose sawfly larva!

Large rose sawfly larvae on a Rosa glauca leaf.
Photo by Jason Sylvan

Large rose sawflies insert their eggs into new rose shoots. When the eggs hatch, the larvae eat in groups, as in this photograph – they can get through a lot of rose leaf in a short time!

In the Old Pond Garden, large rose sawflies particularly enjoy the Rosa glauca in Bed Q, which is a rose with blue-green leaves, reddish stems and bright pink flowers.

Watch a sawfly eating a rose leaf – chomp chomp chomp!

Find all the Bugs in the Old Pond Garden (there are ten altogether), put the letters together and find the final Bug!
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This page is part of the ‘Bugs in the Beds’ trail running on the Old Pond Garden, Charlton House, on 21st May 2023.