You’ve found a… bumble bee!

Bumble bee. Photo by Pater Sanders.

Did you know? Bees have four wings, not two – they hook them together to form one big pair when flying and then unhook them when not flying.

In the Old Pond Garden, we see bumble bees regularly. They especially like the bluebell flowers in Bed V and the giant scabious flowers in Bed O. Find out how you can attract bumble bees to your garden.

You will have seen bumble bees out and about, but what do they get up to when you’re not watching?

Find all the Bugs in the Old Pond Garden (there are ten altogether), put the letters together and find the final Bug!
If you spot any real live bugs / creatures / insects in the Old Pond Garden today, try to take a photograph and find out what it is. We’d love to see it, so if you post on Instagram you can tag us: @cabahs_hortisoc and use the hashtag #BugsInTheBeds

This page is part of the ‘Bugs in the Beds’ trail running in the Old Pond Garden, Charlton House,
on 21st May 2023.